Hospitality as the Priority…

Locandiera is a small charming hotel
in the historical centre of Corfu town.

It provides 6 single/double rooms with kitchenette.
It has also got a cosy open living room and kitchen area.

It offers comfortable accommodation, quality products
and reliable and friendly services.

While staying in Locandiera,
the guests have the opportunity to experience the Mediterranean hospitality,
the city’s vibes and all the amenities since the town’s scenic spots are within reach.

locandiera’s role is to contribute on the attainment for precious moments…

Our Cosy dining room and kitchen

The shared dinning room and open kitchen
are at the ground floor of our guest house.

Here you can taste the breakfast of Locandiera,
drink your coffee, have a chat and enjoy the homy warmth.

Hotel Services

In Lοcandiera technology meets tradition
offering the traveller a place to rest
providing free WiFi, POS, iMac, Music, Books, Games, Business Services (fax, postage, photocopying)

Our Rooms

Our rooms are inspired  by our hearts and created with love.

We have renovated a Corfiot building, built by the Venetians, with a lot of care and personal effort. Each room has its own special identity while they all provide the warmth and comfort of the Greek hospitality.


Reseliva Booking Engine & Channel Manager

Locandiera besides Travelers, hosts unique exhibitions.

This period Locandiera expose CORFIOTS EASTER
A photography exhibition by Giannis Dimitras

Locandiera is located in the heart of Corfu. 

Spotted on a quiet side street in a really short distance from Liston,

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